Monthly Archives: August 2016


NPhoto Magazine Facebook Cover

Each month N-Photo Magazine, an independent magazine for Nikon photographers runs a photo competition for its Facebook cover photo. This month the theme was Summer. My photo ‘Rainbow Umbrellas’ was selected as the cover photo! Amazing! This photo was taken in Lefkada, Greece. Its the Egremnoi beach was can be reached either by boat or on foot. On foot means you have to step down 350 stairs! However the view is amazing!

An unexpected burning sky

Sometimes the weather has unexpected surprises for us photographers. This afternoon the sky was full of clouds. I had my camera set up but I didn’t expect much. All of a sudden a little opening appeared and the sky was painted red! It lasted only for a few minutes and although some dogs playing in the water tried to wet my camera I managed to take this shot! This photo was published in the Greek magazine photographer which had light as theme!